Fair Game Part Two

Finally success! I swapped out the SD card from my game camera for the umpteenth time today. I stopped my truck by the camera on a return home from the lumber yard to avoid stepping in what the driveway had become since yesterday. Today it was a mix of ice, water and mud and to eliminate any possibility of an impromptu and unintentional break dance that would have ended badly, I carefully stepped from the truck directly to the snow. Upon viewing the video on my PC back at the house, I was happy to see one of our foxes was recorded yesterday morning in the early light right in front of the camera.

I couldn’t resist adding this short clip as an addendum to the previous post “Fair Game”. I had been out foxed for months attempting to capture one of them on video in daylight. The crust that developed on the snow during intermittent thaws and decreasing snowfall has now diminished opportunities for tracking so I fortunately decided to stay the course with the current camera location. The small animals have regained their mobility on top of the snow. Deer, on the other hand with their small feet and considerable weight haven’t been seen moving much in the woods.

No background music with this clip. The critters made their own.

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