Rare Species Observed

I thought that this would be an appropriate opportunity to publish a few of the more rare examples of species that I’ve captured during the past year.



The Tundra Cardinal is a rare sight since it seldom winters this far south. It is apparently too heavy to fly and has to walk south in the autumn. It is occasionally observed in small flocks hiking south in highway medians.




Pileated Hummer


The presence of the Pileated Hummingbird is often detected, if not seen, by the debris left on the ground after they have torn a blossom to shreds to get to the nectar.




Spotted Duck




Finally, the irony of the Great Spotted duck. It cannot fly or swim but seems to be well adapted to consuming local gardens as its primary food source.



I plan to continue to photographically document every odd and rare species I come across an publish them here on an annual basis. I hope you enjoyed these discoveries as much as I did.

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