Fair Game Videos

I’ve been interested in documenting the wildlife in the White River watershed for many years. It was one of the reasons I created my website in 2008. Considering the manner in which local development had historically taken place, it was apparent that those who made the decisions had little appreciation for the natural attributes of the area. Now that better informed decisions are on the increase, the positive effect on the wildlife has been noticeable. Most of what I’ve documented on my website, and now the blog, has been acquired with me being present with my camera, either by chance or by attempting to remain relatively concealed. My “game” camera has now been so successful at getting close to wildlife both during the day and at night, that I’ve decided to dedicate a page on the blog to wildlife caught on the automated camera as well.

The new page was inspired by the previous “Fair Game” posts. The most recent video “A Week Along The Creek” is a summary of wildlife visiting the creek habitat during a seven day period in April. All of the video was taken along a short section of one very small tributary to White Lake in Muskegon County Michigan. It is also the ultimate extension of my post “Mowing deGrasse” regarding the use of native landscaping. The creek is my vision of a “yard” and it demonstrates the rewards gained when human intervention hasn’t taken place to tidy up nature. Nature’s landscaping is zero maintenance and it is endlessly entertaining. Click on the “Fair Game Videos” tab near the top of the page. I hope you enjoy the videos and images and visit occasionally to see what’s new.

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