So Much For Stealth

Try as I might to use stealth in recording wildlife there is always some smart-alecky critter that defeats my efforts.  Being concealed to the point that the animals are unaware of your presence would seem to be a very good approach for video. Not being present at all when the video is recorded would then be ideal, right? Not necessarily. The camera that took this video was on the ground almost completely buried in leaves and had been there for several days.

 One deer in a group of four immediately left the others and followed its nose directly to the camera. All it took was a little residual scent. The others in the group appeared disinterested or a little confused by the deer’s odd interest in the small pile of leaves. I’d like to think that the deer was the grown up version of the fawn I helped a few years ago. It had been left behind because it was too light to break through the ice covered snow. A freezing rain had deposited a thick layer of ice and its efforts to walk on it reminded me of the scene on the frozen pond in the old Disney animated movie Bambi. I put bales of straw in its refuge under the hemlock trees and tossed hands full of whole corn across the ice in its direction every day as I walked out to get the mail. It remained there watching me walk by every day from its straw bed until the ice was no longer a problem. They say smell leaves a very long lasting memory. Then again, the deer in the video may just be particularly nosey.

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