I usually have to work a little harder to capture wildlife images but this one showed up in the small courtyard outside of our kitchen window the other day. It was a Sharp-shinned Hawk that was likely attracted by one of the chipmunks that often run across the concrete pavers. The hawk was very determined during this visit and searched intently but didn’t appear to have any luck. The only option I had was to shoot through a storm window which inherently reduces resolution but the results were better than expected.

Sharp-shinned Hawk on a birdhouse.

Sharp-shinned Hawk hunting on the ground.









We live in dense woods where the small Sharp-shinned Hawk has an advantage with its high speed acrobatic flying ability.

(Click a photo to enlarge)

5 thoughts on “Sharp-Shinned

  1. The pictures turned out great! Love how his feathers make him look like he’s wearing a pair of striped pantaloons. 🙂

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