American White Pelicans Return to White Lake

Perhaps it’s getting crowded on the other side of Lake Michigan or maybe it is easier migrating here on the eastern side, I don’t know but I’m seeing an increasing number of Pelicans on White Lake. I photographed a group of eleven near Mill Point on May fourth. I certainly don’t see everything that happens on White Lake and I often rely on tipsters to give me a call now and then so my observations are based mostly on opportunity. None the less, it’s nice to see more diversity as compared to decades ago when pollution and diminished habitat provided little to attract or support wildlife.Pelicans in Michigan

April and May seem to be good months to keep an eye out for these large white birds passing through our area. They are now nesting in large quantities in Wisconsin and according to some sources are moving eastward. According to “American White Pelicans eat mostly small fish that occur in shallow wetlands, such as minnows, carp, and suckers.”

2 thoughts on “American White Pelicans Return to White Lake

  1. Had a white pelican stop be our lakeshore deck and take a rest and clean itself for a few hours on Saturday 10/13/18. We are located on Old Channel Trail in Montague Michigan. This is the first one I have seen on Whitelake.

    • They aren’t uncommon visitors along the west side of Lake MI. They’ve been passing through White Lake every year recently. They tend to stay a week or so and then continue on. Fun to see.

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