Changes Along The Creek

I don’t go down the hill to our creek every day, or every week for that matter, but in the spring it seems like it undergoes a complete transformation overnight. The plants and the cinnamon ferns in particular appear over a relatively short period and I thought I’d try to catch them developing this year with my trail camera. It’s surprising how the creek disappears completely from the perspective of the camera. The total time encompassed by the 1-1/2 minute video was about two weeks. I started shooting way too early and had to edit down from 3300 frames, one every twenty minutes. It was interesting that I got an individual image of a turkey, several deer, a wood duck, a bird in flight and a Raccoon in the initial 3300 random frames. Except for the first frame, they go by very quickly but not all of them are in this distilled version.

One thought on “Changes Along The Creek

  1. Really enjoy your videos and music depicting an area/item over time. That was really neat. Amazing how fast and tall things grew and “WHERE did the creek go!?” lol

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