Garden Project Postponed

I had a garden project in mind a few days ago. We have a fenced-in veggie garden and one area has remained incomplete for years. It needed some work done that required the back blade on my garden tractor. There is only one gate large enough to allow the tractor into the garden if I turn the back blade so that it isn’t fully wide. No real problem. The photo from inside the garden shows the gate and the approach to it from the outside. The morning of the day I was about to begin the project, I spotted the first Monarch butterfly of the year in our flower garden. I followed it a short distance. If you noticed the plants on the approach to the garden gate you might guess what happened. The Monarch was visiting each Milkweed plant and depositing a tiny white egg on every one.

Now I know… I could build a cage and put the leaves with eggs in it to mature. I have a small cage I used the summer of 2015 to raise (see video) and release six Monarchs but then I’d have two projects; the Monarch Motel project and the veggie garden project.

Being proficient at critical thinking skills, I figured that the obvious solution was to have neither project. What’s one more summer? So I postponed the garden project indefinitely and moved on. Told my wife that I didn’t want a rep on the street as a serial Monarch masher.

From August 2015

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