Drifting Donuts & Ducks

I visited one of my favorite photography locations Saturday. It’s the channel from White Lake to Lake Michigan. White Lake is in Western Michigan between Whitehall on the south and Montague on the north (near the pinky knuckle on your left hand). When White Lake is frozen over, as it is now, waterfowl tends to congregate in the available open water. When Lake Michigan also freezes, it gets really busy in the channel with birds flying back and forth. Easy pickins for in-flight shots. [ Canon 5D MkIII ]


The channel was interesting.
It was filled with large donuts of ice drifting in and back out.

2 thoughts on “Drifting Donuts & Ducks

  1. Hi Jerry! Great pictures! Got a kick out of the donuts. Lol. Do you know what causes them? Jim and MK

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    • The “Donuts” have various names, usually “ice circles.” They’re usually formed in the presence of flow. I’ve seen videos of them mostly in rivers. The WL channel sort of fits that description. The moving chunks grind against one another until they eventually knock all the corners off.

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