December Highlights From The Trail

Other than camera licking, it wasn’t as busy in the woods in December after the whitetail speed dating frenzy in November. December gave us an interesting comparison of a domestic cat and a bobcat on the same trail. A new variety of skunk that I had never seen before showed up with its fabulous white tail. Not the typical black and white stripes.

6 thoughts on “December Highlights From The Trail

  1. We ALWAYS enjoy your videos. Never even heard of a white tailed skunk. Pretty awesome to discover! Agree… beautiful tail! J & MK 🙂


    • Glad you liked it. I’ve already got some interesting trail cam clips for the next one. I sometimes go swap the SD cards during the month to stay ahead of the videos.

  2. Loved the wildlife. I used to hunt and be able to sit in the woods and enjoy all the animals out there. But at 76 I can’t. do that anymore, and I miss it very much. So when I can watch your films I really enjoy them.

    • I enjoyed the woods so much when I hunted as a teen I eventually sold the guns and began using cameras to hunt. Hanging images of my trophies on the wall instead of animal parts just seemed to make more sense anyway.

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