Our Rural Nature

I call the watershedwildlife.com blog “Our Rural Nature”. It is intended to have more than one meaning. It is about the nature we have around us but it is also about the nature of the rural communities and how the residents and visitors relate to it.

The blog is intended to give me an opportunity to present observations and images within the watershed environment in a way that isn’t easily accomplished in a website. I will also include topics that pertain, not only to my photography in general but to the conservation and stewardship of watersheds, the habitat and wildlife in general.

I plan to keep my blog entries relatively brief in order not to bog-the-blog with time consuming minutia. I will no doubt vary from this intent now and then but the goal of this blog is to be informative, concise, and most importantly; interesting.

I invite your comments.

Jerry Grady

One thought on “About

  1. Thanks, Jerry. Seeing your slideshow and blog gets me even more excited about returning to the area in a couple of years. Hopefully, we can also get involved in some of the conservation efforts in the area much like my Uncle Howard did when he returned to White Lake after he retired.

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